District Goals


1.  Student Achievement - target Math K-12.  Measurement - improved scores on MEAP, MME and District Administered Assessments.  We will have two Reward Schools this year.  (Top 5%).

2.  Communications - work to improve internal and external communications.  Improve web page, e-mail communications and media contacts.  Survey parents on a regular basis, respond to concerns raised.  Create a video to be used as a marketing and public relations tool.

3.  Energy Conservation - continue energy savings programs.  Work towards "Green School" recognition.  Communicate all savings with staff and community.  Involve students wherever possible.

4.  Negotiations - work jointly with all groups on a multi-year deal that meets as many interests from all parties as possible.  Create a school calendar (County) that reduces lost instructional time and helps improve student achievement.


Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2012