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Migrating from GroupWise to Google Apps Gmail

Here you will find information and how-tos to help you with the transition from GroupWise to Google Apps Gmail.

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Why the switch?

Starting the summer of 2010, we will begin transitioning away from Novell networking to a Microsoft environment. With the decision to move from Novell, we will have to change our email systems. We picked Google Apps Gmail service over some others because ease of transition, costs (basically free), reduction in maintenance on our end, and it adds some additional features that will be very beneficial going forward. Also, Google gives you more flexibility and tools that would be useful for everyone.

Benefits of Google Gmail:

Better spam protection, lots of space (8GB), built in search tool, and you can access your mail anytime, anywhere. Check out a comparison chart.

How much does it cost?

Using Gmail does not cost the school anything. No more expensive equipment or storage! We can use Google Apps Education Edition for free since we are a public education institution.

When will the switch take place to the Gmail account?

The exact date of the switch has yet to be determined, but it will most likely be during the months of July-August 2010. We will discontinue our use of GroupWise at that time and start using Gmail.

How will the switch affect me?

Once we make the switch, all of your incoming email will start showing up in your Google Gmail inbox. At the same time email will stop being delivered to your GroupWise account.

Will my old, saved mail be moved?

No, we will not be migrating your older email from GroupWise to Google Gmail. You will still have access to your old email for at least 12 months. After that time we will determine when to shut down the GroupWise for good. If there are things you want to save; copy & paste them into Word files and save either to your H: drive or possibly to a USB/thumb drive.

Will my email addresses stay the same?

Yes, for example:

Will I have the same username and password?

Yes, you will have the same username. Once we have migrated your account, you will need to change your password - either to your original password or to a new one.

What happens to GroupWise?

GroupWise will be replaced by Google Gmail. We will keep GroupWise up and running  but you will not be able to send or receive emails from the account. It will only be available to lookup past information you may need access to. This will be up and running for 12 months and then we will determine if it will be shut down.

When will training be provided?

Training will begin in August 2010 as building schedules allow. Training and support will also be available at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year.

Are there any available tutorials?

Yes, tutorials will be made available on this website. You may also want to visit Google Apps Help site

Will my address book/groups be migrated?

We are not able to migrate your personal address book or groups. We will be populating your address book with all district users and building groups as we did in GroupWise. Any custom groups that you would like will need to be added later by you. Help, training and support will be available for doing this.

What browsers are supported by Google Gmail?

You can access your mail using the following fully supported browser: Google Chrome, Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 7.0 and Safari 3.0.

You can also use the following browser but they won't have some of the latest features: IE 5.5+, Netscape 7.1+, Mozilla 1.4+, Firefox 0.8+, and Safari 1.3+

Can I get my Google Gmail mail through my wireless device?

Yes, Google Apps Gmail can be configured to your wireless device. Google Gmail supports the following wireless mail client: Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile 5 & 6, and Snapper Mail.

I use Local and Shared Folders, will they be migrated?

Folders will be migrated during the migration process into labels in Gmail. 

Does Gmail use folders?

No, Gmail uses Labels instead of Folders. Labels are similar to folders but can do more. You can add more than one label to a message while you can only add a message to a folder. To learn how to set up labels, visit Labels tutorial on our website.

What other Google features will be available?

Google Apps Education Edition comes with Google Calendar, Google Chat and Google Docs. Once the move is made, there will be trainings and tutorials available on how all these applications work.

I have a Gmail (Google mail) account already, how does that affect my District email account?

That's alright. Your District Google Gmail mail account does not affect your personal Gmail account. Your personal account uses the format '' while your District account will use:

How much is the space limit for Google Apps mail?

The last time we checked, it was up to 8GB  per person and increasing. That means, you are now in control of your own mailbox and will no longer be limited to your current 250MB quota. Your quota indicator, located at the bottom of any Google Apps mail page, will change from green to red if you approach your storage limit. Once you reach your limit, incoming messages will automatically bounce back to the sender.

Is my trash folder part of my quota limit?

Yes, your storage is based on the size of all messages in your mail including Spam and Trash. Messages left in Trash for 30 days will be automatically deleted and cannot be recovered.

What is the maximum attachment size?

You can send and receive messages up to 20 MB in size. However, the size of a file may increase because of added encodings. If you exceed the 20MB limit, Google Gmail will display a warning message.

Note: E-mail services have different maximum attachment size.

What file types am I not allowed to send as an attachment?

Google Gmail does not allow you to send or receive any executable files. Google would not accept these files types even if they are sent in zipped format.