Student Services

English Language Learners:

It is the position of Mona Shores that English Language Learners (ELL) can achieve levels of academic performance comparable to those of the general English speaking population, and that it is the responsibility of our District to provide appropriate instructional services to ensure that these students are given the opportunity to learn content matter while they also gain proficiency in English.  Contact the Curriculum Office for further information. 

Homeless Liaison:

McKinney-Vento Act, enacted in 1987 eliminates barriers in public schools so that homeless children and youth can enroll in school and receive successful educational opportunities. Please contact Dave Peden, District Coordinator, at 231-780-4751 with questions. 

Suspension & Expulsion (Discipline):

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to provide all students with an environment conducive to the development of their maximum learning potential. District policies and school handbooks have rules and regulations which are necessary to govern the conduct of students under the supervision of school personnel. All rules and regulations are published in appropriate building student handbooks.

School Safety: 

Mona Shores Public Schools has developed a district-wide Emergency Management Plan to help prepare all employees to effectively respond to an array of emergency situations that could occur within our district.  

Kindergarten Enrollment:

If you have a resident child, age 5 on or before October 1, 2014, you may enroll in Kindergarten at any time throughout the school year. The enrollment process begins by contacting the elementary building secretary where your child will attend. We encourage parents/guardians to attend an annual Kindergarten Roundup at any of our elementary buildings. Roundups typically occur in February of each year.